Bacon Haiku Vol 1, No. 98

Punk-ass Guinea Pigs

A cheap pet. Yet, noble swine?

No, wannabacon.



( Guinea Pig Pangang )

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  1. that is sooooooooo sick people that do that need some help and need to be put in jail!!!!!!

    • what’s wrong with that? meat is meat, anything with it’s back facing the sun is fair game. sure looks good.

      • Tell you what then son, get yourself in the fatt fryer! people like your sick twisted attitude are like bullys. Because the animal can’t speak you think lets kill them!

        Well let me tell you……I work for a waste company and go to farm and places where PIGS SHEEP AND COW ARE KILLED. Throats cut and hung whilst alive. They are screaming before they go in and get kicked down the line some are that bad that they have had broken legs and there babys are next to them and us THE KIND HUMAN BEINGS WE ARE pick up the mother infront of the baby and slice her throat.


    • i don’t know what people get out of eating guinea pigs. it is just plain wrong. it makes me really mad that people do that

      • thats just wrong who wuld do such a thing i feel sad for them

  2. omg thats so sad i can sue you for that can’t i 😦 u hurt a poor innocent guinea pig like that u should get arrested and was that u who cooked him?> omg did u eeat him omg im crying right NOW I HAVE ONE THANKS

    • You need to fucking calm down you crazy bitch, we eat cockroaches, cows horses chickens and all that shit how come you’re not suing us for that huh? Ginea pigs have the same values as horses and chickens except they’re hella lot dumber. Its not called cruelty, its called survival, why do we eat meat? Because we have to. Now you cant go suing any bitch just because the animal you ate was CUTE.

      • Dez ur an idiot! its not survival, we have all the meat we ca eat and your thinking about surviving????

      • U no what i do understand. Yes I think its bad to eat anything with 4 legs. But if we r goin to say something left take this to china bc they eat dog n cat n dolphin. Ok
        They do this really bad i seen a video on youtube about it. They stab the dog n the dog licks it own blood up! (gross) They also step on the dogs head n try to beat it with a bat. Its soooo sad I cried 4 days after this. I was think of my dogs n they lay in bed with n play with my kids. How can some1 do this to any animal…..

      • Dez Ur a nut. it’s sick to eat small cute animals when we already have tons of other animals to eat. Plus WTF WHO EATS HORSES YOU CRAZY PERSON.

      • we dont need to eat PETS for SURVIVAL!!! we dont even need to eat animals. HAVE YOU HEARD OF A VEGETERIAN???? probably not i bet your not even educated. you are a horrible person.

        <3- ME

      • I agree this is common in Peru, and Dez is correct it is for survival! We eat other animals just cause eating a “cow” is common how is it any different to eat a guinea pig- they arent pets in all counties! And its kinda weird that they are pets at all! America doesnt’ decide what the World eats, they eat horses in France. Each country has traditions, In India Cows. What should be looked at more is how animals are raised and killed the U.S has a horrible way of taking care of Cows, pigs and chickens. At least guinea pigs run wild till they are killed like wild game

    • thats gross have you ever herd of the word PET,they are ment to be cute, not baked

  3. am I the only one who thinks that looks tasty?

    • ya u r

      • I think its wrong to eat anything that has 4 legs!!! Would u get ur bestfriend. If your goin to get something a lest spell the name of the animal right u ass. (Jamie) What country r u form??? Do u eat dog/cat to.? N meat is not meat. I hope 1 day something will happen to u bc of what u do to animals…

    • no they dont you sick beast!!! ahh well maybe one day someone will fry you serve you up on a plate…tasty?… KARMA animals should be treated the same as humans!! guinea pigs dont have any meat on them what a waste of life makes me want to vomit!

      • Actually, eating humans has been tried, but we taste like sour crap. Does that answer your question?

    • No you’re not the only one LOL.

  4. Sitting On My Plate

    No More Shatting In Your Cage

    Tasty Fried Cavy

  5. Wtf?! Who ever thinks that is right is messed up in the head! That is everything I am against! I’m a vegetarian and that is disgusting!! How could someone do that to a poor guinea pig?!?!?

    • Its the same reason why we eat horses, cows, chickens and all that other shit.

    • jgb6rftghyuijolpikujhgtfrg+ take that! it makes as much sense as eating guinea pigs does!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Yum! Guinnea Pig is considered a delicacy in Peru (probably elsewhere as well) and I have to say it’s a minimal dish, but delicious meat. Somewhat like rabbit 🙂

    • ewwwww ur a weirdo

      • eww i hope they tost u to ha hoe would dad fell lyk

      • ist people lyk u that are killing uss n the panet you pork hoe


  7. tak s tohoto mi je fakt smutno ja mam doma jedno morca menom kvika a ked som toto videla. . . no hroza nechapem tich ludi ako mozu taketo nevinne zvieratka zabijat je sice pravda ze silnejsi poziera slabsieho ale toto je vrchol no chudatka zvieratka. . . 😦 ja som proti testovaniu na zvieratach preco to netestuju na potkanoch? tich je tu habadej a preco kozmetiku musia na morcatach alebo prasiatkach skusat no . . .. no coment

  8. wow ur a jerk. why would u even think about killing nd then eating a poor guineau pigs. how would u like it if they all ganged up on u nd ate u!?????!!!!!!!!!!! i hope u poop out that guinea pig nd he comes back to life nd takes a giant clevland steemer (a poop)in ur mouth so ahahahahahahahahaha ANIMAL KILLER tahts y animals r extincted

  9. Well………..doean’t anyone feel the same way for chickens??????????????
    if u think eating a guinea pig is horrible…..just because their adorable…….whats the difference……
    don’t u people feel the same eating chickens??!

  10. you ignorant fools.

    just because the american/western culture sees guinea pigs as pets, doesn’t mean that other peoples/cultures are to be blamed and bashed for using it is a dish.

    what about pigs? what about cattle? it’s ok to keep THEM in farms and kill them for food the way the big industries nowadays do. THAT’S OK, RIGHT?


    keep in mind that in India, for example, Cows are holy, and for them- you’d be the barbarians. and some people use swine as pets, too.
    same about the Chinese and Koreans- they have dishes with dog meat.
    or the Italians and French- they eat snails and frogs. there’s variety in this world. VARIETY

    but NO- as soon as one kills the American man’s favourite, cute, pet, they are to be arrested and what-not.

    so mind yourselves, because you people just show how ignorant you really are.
    a little less ignorance towards other cultures’ customs would be much better for all of you.

    • i think u r defnitely right i guinea pig or chicken or pig there is no difference all of them is a creature like us when i see that im really sor but that same for me even chick or other animals im sorry for them all humans r the worst predator

      • The way America treats animals is very cruel, but he shouldn’t be frying guinea pigs that is horrible. And it sucks when an 8 year old asks his mom for a guinea pig, then goes and google images it he’ll see a fried one. Its only fair game if YOU caught it, not kept it in a cage from birth then sold it to some crazy person at a pet store, Then you cooked and ate it. and guinea pigs have no meat so there is no reason to eat them. so i don’t know why this guy would do such a thing, but it is nearly impossible to find who did this. He might not of and the picture might be fake… or a rat, and the way the picture was taken made it look like a guinea pig. But its all the same any way.

    • I was going to post something to this effect. So many of you are showing your ethno-ignorance. You should do the rest of the Internet a favor and turn off your computers for good. People of the world eat what they can to get by. Try prying your minds out of their tiny little cage and understand that the rest of the world doesn’t live like you do. I personally am not interested in eating Guinea Pig, Dog or any other thing I don’t consider food, but I also don’t think any body else in the world should be condemned for what they eat any more than we should be condemned for what we eat.

  11. that is so messed up guinea pigs did nothing to them so why should they have the right to say messed up things like that the world is so cruel… something bad and mean is going to happen to them

  12. Yes, I know guinea pigs are food in some places. I accept that, and it’s fine. Some places think cows are sacred and are “gross” to eat…

    BUT, as an owner and “grandpa” of some baby guinea pigs, I have to say that is horrible. Definitely not what I wanted to see… 😦

    Not cruel, and I know lots of people eat them. Just get’s me right here (points to my heart). 😦 Just like when people eat dogs, or I go to Taco Bell and eat cat taco.

    • Tey feed you cat at Taco bell!? thats sick i will never eat there again EW

      • yeah they don’t eat cats at taco bell. I know the owner of 10 and that would be in the media a TON if taco bell served cats. Nice lie. Know what you are talking about next time.

  13. y would u even think about killing a guinea pig

  14. eww… ill never do tht to my pets!!!! my uncles and my frendz joke about cooking them… i dont like it. animal cruelty!

  15. As much as I would not want to eat a guinea pig, I think you guys are over reacting.

    Do you eat pork? Do you eat beef? Do you eat any meat at all? If so, it is really not that different. As for comments on pets, odds are if it got eaten it wasn’t a pet.

  16. I agree with Emry and Goran. You all are over reacting. It’s like jeroen posting a pic of a new york strip and having a bunch of people from India bitching him out about it. Don’t judge other cultures just because you live in the best place in the world aka the US. Don’t get me wrong, I live there too, but it’s shit like this that makes me hate the place. People think that, since they have the freedom of speech, they can say w/e they want. That’s where your wrong. It means speaking out if something is wrong, not different. I mean, I don’t like how the treat women in the Middle East, but that’s there.

    So all in all, get over yourselves. People can eat anything they want, and a lot of stuff they shouldn’t if they can get away with it. And when I say that I mean like endangered species and other humans. So have fun whining uselessly.

  17. @Emry: valid point, Emry… my auntie had a pet cow and a rooster. they’re both very cute & we all love them. but I don’t have to feel the slightest guilt to eat Beef Steak, or any fried chicken

    so maybe people has to accept the fact that this kind of dish is ‘normal’ in some parts of the world.. as do fried cockroaches, cicadas & centipedes in thailand (eewww)

  18. THATS REPULSIVE!!!!!!!! guinea pigs make the loveliest pets! they have such a kind nature and dont have an instinct to kill like some animals! this actually makes me want to be sick what kind of twisted LOSER would not only do this but put this photo on… this poor little animal had to go through this kind of pain… for what to be someones meal? just because animals cant talk doesnt mean its right to do something like this for all we know they might have thoughts and feelings! just like humans!

    • Wow, we eat cows and chickens too, who knows they might just make the lovliest pets if they werent so big. But if you see a roasted or stir fry w/e chicken that looks awesome i dont think you’d say the same thing. This ginea pig is the same thing as eating a duck or a chicken except they’re dumber.

      Now all you people are just talking back shit because the ginea pig is cute.

  19. I know a guinea pig and he is cool, in fact a lot cooler then most people. Most of these 3rd world countrys that eat them would eat anything that moves. So what does that say about them ? Yea it ‘s a culture thing and these peoples values are alot different then most. All I know is I glad I’m not there and that they don’t live next to me.

    • Right, you’re a bigot. We get it….

  20. LOL peoples reactions… google guinea pigs… they have been used as a food source since 5000BCE. In many South American countries they are a good protein rich food source. I have a clam in my fish tank, it is very nice looking. But in Fiji they eat them, lol, what am i gonna say that they deserve to die, just because its pretty?

    Grow up.

    If you have a problem with this then stop eating cows, chickens, pigs, sheep and fish because some people may consider them pets. In fact stop eating plants too, because some people consider them pets as well.

  21. stop eating guniea pigs

  22. ok as sad as this is. people do it the pigs. Not in the US but other countries. Peru for example, only the wealthy eat them. and for special days. they fatten the pigs up and have llama and pig. like a nice prime rib is to us piggy on a stick is to them. cow is very hard to come by in some countries. btw in other countries animal rights do not exist. do your research.

  23. EVERYONE is entittled to an opinion. Those that curse and berate others for doing or thinking something different than themselves only show how IGNORANT they are.
    This has nothing to do with race, color or nationality but rather with how you were brought up. Being TOLERANT is something encouraged by most schools and most Americans. Its a shame some didn’t learn that lesson.

  24. Because guinea pigs require much less room than traditional livestock and reproduce extremely quickly, they are a more profitable source of food and income than many traditional stock animals, such as pigs and cows;[133] moreover, they can be raised in an urban environment. Both rural and urban families raise guinea pigs for supplementary income, and the animals are commonly bought and sold at local markets and large-scale municipal fairs.[134] Guinea pig meat is high in protein and low in fat and cholesterol, and is described as being similar to rabbit and the dark meat of chicken

  25. Mmmm Loks like tasty…….mmmm

  26. OMG how gross, is that 2 potatos on that plate??

    • How could they do that to those poor potatos!!! D:

  27. only a heartless person who eat that “food”!! how can u eat that super cute guinea pig?

    i have 5 guinea pig, but all of them have died due to old and i miss them so much, and i cry because of this disgusting picture!

  28. ok… i’m not on anybody’s side, but we eat pigs and just because they’re fat and ugly people don’t “care” about it like if it was normal.
    (please, go watch “MEET YOUR MEAT”, it’s horrible but the video is the REAL
    truth people need to face) it’s really good.

    i agree this is disgusting and myself wouldn’t eat guinea pigs cause im not used to but everybody has their own traditions like in china they eat dogs and cats (well… everything that stand on their paws)

    anyways i cant watch this image, its so gross, but i just hope he died naturally… which i bet it didn’t so yea… hm if you did this for fun then fuck you seriously but
    you were poor and you need to feed yourself.. then.. go ahead… 😦

  29. you are a douch bag i have 2 pet guinea pigs they are very loyal i agree if meat is meat eat your mother

  30. :_{

  31. These rodents are an important protein source in the Andean region. They breed very rapidly and are unpretentious, being a very convenient species to grow for food. You people who are so outraged while chewing on your hamburgers need not react so emotionally at things that you’re not accustomed with. Think that people from India may be horrified by your habit of eating beef, or that a Muslim may consider you unclean because you eat pork or drink alcohol.

  32. WOW! People really got their noses bend out of shape on this story, didn’t they? *LOL* Yeah, I’ll give you that it’s different, weord, odd, maybe even sort of freakish but it’s just another animal, no different than a cattle that you might raise and name then have slaughtered and made into tasty steaks, hamburgers, and such. Granted, the guinea pig is WAY smaller and it would take quite a few to really make a meal. Honestly, people eat squirrels so what’s the issue? Personally, I’d never eat guinea pig, they’re too dirty but I guess if you killed it, cleaned it REALLY GOOD, and prepared it correctly, it might be OK. It couldn’t be any worse than shark, alligator, or rattlesnake!

  33. Wow… People have really strange reactions to some things.

    Recent posts asked where horse is eaten, try multiple European countries.

    As for Rabbit? That is a VERY common meat source in the US. Yes, Americans eat rabbit, probably more than any other country.

  34. That dish looks good, maybe add a little gravy.

    Everybody eats animals, two leg, four leg it doesn’t matter.
    Even vegetarians eat animals…except they usually eat decomposing, rotten ones.
    What do you think happens to animals when they die….they evaporate…no way…they rot into the ground and become plant food!

    Carrots and lettuce grew strong eating animal products….aren’t you glad they eat meat.

    I bet someone with a small backyard could raise some of these little guinea piggies in little tiny cages and eat them all year round.

    Just think of all the wonderful ways to prepare it…..gotta go…I”m getting hungry…where is that pet hamster and frying pan.

  35. ihave a guinea and that is awful

  36. OMFG thats SICK!! you sick creeps, what? have we not got enough of a variety of animals to eat? have we not got enough meat to quench our hunger? i think i’ll be turning to a veggie as much as i love to eat meat but this has gone WAY TO FAR MATE, looking at this has turned me off for llife

    sick fuck

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